Invited speaker 2021

Dr Anabel Forte

 · 1 min read

Having graduated in Mathematics (2005) and Statistics (2006) from the University of Valencia, Anabel Forte got her PhD with a thesis titled “Objective Bayes Criteria for Variable Selection”. Currently, she is a professor at the Statistics Department of the University of Valencia. Apart from being an outstanding teacher, she is also a great communicator of scientific knowledge through her blog. At her talk, she will take us through the Bayesian side of statistics, a great misunderstood and essential tool for science!

Bayesian Statistics. Why?

Understanding statistics, hypothesis testing and its associated p-value in particular, is a challenging task. This is mostly the case when we try to focus on the question “But why is it so difficult”? Did something happen in history that made statistics so difficult to understand? In this talk we will look at the origins of hypothesis testing and how Bayesian statistics can help us to have a better understanding of it.