Invited speaker 2022

Dr Fabian Pedregosa

 · 1 min read

Dr. Fabian Pedregosa alternates his time between research in large-scale optimization and open source contributions. He was one of the founding members of scikit-learn in 2010, a project he led until 2012, and core contributor to many python libraries such as sympy, scipy, and more recently, jaxopt. Dr. Pedregosa is currently a senior research scientist at Google Brain leading the optimization team, which he joined in 2018 after a postdoc in Berkeley and a PhD from INRIA in Paris. He is also managing editor and founding member of the journal Transactions on Machine Learning Research.

Principles of Machine Learning with Scikit-learn

This tutorial is a crash course in machine learning using scikit-learn. We’ll consider different practical machine learning problems, such as handwritten recognition, clustering, and data visualization. We’ll explore these examples through an interactive notebook and learn how to solve them using the scikit-learn library.