Invited speaker 2020

Dr Cassandra Gould van Praag

 · 1 min read

Our next guest speaker is a total champion of Open Science. Last year she co-organised OHBM’s Open Science Room and her passion for accessibility and the equitable dissemination of knowledge is highly contagious! At Brainhack Donostian 2020 she will been telling us about what can we do to make our work more inclusive. Don’t miss her presentation on November 9!

A bit about Dr Gould van Praag

Dr Gould van Praag is the Open Science Community Engagement Coordinator at the University of Oxford, where she generates opportunities for the research community to actively participate in and contribute to the open science infrastructure of the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging (WIN) and Oxford Neuroscience. She also helps departments and other institutions to develop policies and recommendations for good governance around open science. Prior to this work, she provided MRI support to the Oxford BRC Experimental Medicine Theme and the Psychopharmacology and Emotion Research Laboratory. She holds a PhD in Informatics where she investigated individual differences in synaesthesia using MRI and extensive exploration of the first-person experience. You can find more info at:

There’s a bit more about Cass’ talk in Brainhack Donostia in her abstract below!

In this talk I will lay the groundwork for what inclusivity is, and why good open and reproducible research should be designed with inclusivity in mind. I will invite you to think about the impact of poor inclusivity practices on individual researchers who are attempting to engage with your work, as well as specific impacts on traditionally excluded groups. We will close with a discussion about what we can do as individuals to improve the inclusivity in our own projects and shared resources, and efforts we can be supporting as a community of open researchers.