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Committees from previous editions

BHD 2018

Organizing committee: Maddi Ibarbia, Piermatteo Morucci, Sanjeev Nara, Polina Timofeeva.

Scientific committee: Lucia Amoruso, Nicola Molinaro, Craig Richter, Dana Scarinci, Maite Termenon.

Scientific and Organizing committee: César Caballero-Gaudes (Chair), Stefano Moia (Chair), Borja Blanco, Matteo Diano, James Hartzell, Usman Ayub Sheikh.

BHD 2019

Board: Stefano Moia (Co-chair), Polina Timofeeva (Co-chair), Teresa Esteban, Vicente Ferrer, Candice Frances, Jordi Martorell, Carlos Pérez-Serrano.

Volunteers: Daniel Alcalá, Jose Aguasvivas, Nicoletta Biondo, Matteo Diano, Sandra Gisbert, James Hartzell, Maddi Ibarbia, Ning Mei, Jose Pérez-Navarro, Eneko Uruñuela, Manuel Carreiras.

BHD 2020

Board: Eneko Uruñuela (Chair), Stefano Moia (Ex-chair), Polina Timofeeva (Ex-chair), Daniel Alcalá, Jose Aguasvivas, César Caballero-Gaudes, Vicente Ferrer, Alberto Furgoni, Marta García, Chiara Luna Rivolta.

Volunteers: Hülya Aldemir, Irene Arrieta, Catherine Clark, Florent Dueme, Teresa Esteban, Candice Frances, Meritxell García, Shuang Geng, Sandra Gisbert, Garikoitz Lerma-Usabiaga, Mengxing Liu, Ning Mei, Piermatteo Morucci, Carlos Pérez-Serrano, Ileana Quiñones, Trisha Thomas, Manuel Carreiras.

Blog posts from previous editions

Invited speaker 2020

Dr Garikoitz Lerma-Usabiaga

The development of neuroimaging software requires strict validation before it can be widely used by the community. However, there is...

Invited speaker 2020

Taylor Salo

The ecosystem of open and collaborative neuroinformatic tools gets richer every day. Slowly but steadily, we all incorporate many open-source...

Invited speaker 2020

Martina Vilas

The Turing Way is everything you could ask for in a guide for reproducible science. It’s open source. It’s community-driven....

Invited speaker 2020

Dr Cassandra Gould van Praag

Our next guest speaker is a total champion of Open Science. Last year she co-organised OHBM’s Open Science Room and...

Invited speaker 2020

Dr Alex Gramfort

Today, we would like to introduce you (drumroll, please) Dr Alex Gramfort, our next confirmed speaker at Brainhack Donostia 2020!...

Invited speaker 2020

Dr Oscar Esteban

We are delighted to introduce another guest speaker, Dr Oscar Esteban. He will be giving a talk on Tuesday 10th...

Invited speaker 2020

Dr Verena Heise

Meet Verena Heise, one of our confirmed speakers in Brainhack Donostia Online Edition! Being an advocate of Open Science, she...