Social Events

Scavenger Hunt

November 9th at 18:30 CET

You call yourself a Brain-Hacker, but do you know what it means to actually hack?

In this social event, you will overcome puzzles using your logic and problem-solving abilities alongside a randomly selected group of your peers. For this, you will use the Gather.Town platform among others to overcome each puzzle. Be mindful and inspect every element in front of you.

Will your team become the ultimate Brain-Hacker? Accept the challenge by filling this form.

Trivia Night

November 11th at 18:30 CET

Ever wish you could participate in trivia competitions without putting on pants or moving from your couch? If so, your wish has come true! We are cordially inviting you to participate in our official trivia event. Put yourself to the test with questions about the talks you attended during the week (make sure to take note of what the presenters are wearing), things about Donostia (don’t worry, it will be multiple choice), and generally nerdy things. We will have a creative section and a lightning round, so don’t worry, there will be something for everyone!

You can either come with your own group (max. 6 people, please decide on a group name beforehand) or, if you’re feeling social, we can assign you to one. Please fill this form to sign up.

We will meet up in Zoom and give you a link to the response form.

Come one, come all!