Social Events

Speed ice-breaker (Nov 22nd, 10:30 am UTC+2)

If you are ready to break the ice and start meeting the amazing people participating in this year’s BrainHack, this event is for you! From the informality of “What kind of music you’re into?” to the professionalism of “What’s your current research about?”… The umbrella of questions you want to ask is up to you!

You’ll be given a couple of minutes to interact with each of the participants of the event and then we’ll see how much you could learn about them in a Kahoot trivia!

What a great start, don’t miss it!

Escape room online (Nov 23rd, 6 pm UTC+2)

In pre-pandemic times, did you ever do an escape room? Did you ever want to but you didn’t do it? Well, now it is possible to cross it out from your TO DO LIST!

Exploring an online space and finding hints and clues in order to free you and your team is what you’ll be expected to do in this event…

Jeopardy game (Nov 24th, 6:15 pm UTC+2)

It will be the last day of our event, so we deserve a nice wrap-up! Join us in this friendly competition where general knowledge of the whole event will be used to have fun in the form of the well-known television show. (Maybe your favorite drink next to your device can be a good companion at this point?)